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The heaviest of American hardwoods, it holds nails and screws well. The wood can be sanded to a good finish. The grain pattern welcomes a full range of medium-to-dark finishes and bleaching treatments. Its name is an English contraction of the Native American "powcohicora."

In Eastern North America, it survived the catastrophic changes of the Glacial Epoch, some 50 million years ago. Thus, it is the first strictly American hardwood species. Westward trekking pioneers made hickory a prerequisite for their wagon wheels.

Hickory Country panel - 3-6in, knots and character

General Description
The wood is well-known for its very good strength and shock resistance, and it has excellent steam-bending properties.

Physical Properties
Extremely tough and resilient, even texture, quite hard and only moderately heavy.

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What do our customers think?

BC Old Hickory, TN customer Country Hickory
When asked how we could improve our product or service, Betty replied
“….it couldn’t have been any better!”

JC Homeowner Atlanta, GA New England Hickory
… I swear, they look amazing. Everyone comments how good they look. The installers said they enjoyed installing them because the wood had so much character.
We are very pleased with how everything worked out. You guys
kept me in the loop the entire way through - now if all the other companies would have done that through this building process I would have less gray hair.
We have told several people about you guys. Don't change a thing, I was very happy with how everything went!

TZ, Hendersonville, TN Williamsburg Hickory
…we have gotten nothing but great compliments on how good it looks..I was so impressed with the quality of the wood, that I was
actually hoping to have some left over to use…for our kitchen cabinets… your flooring was of excellent quality, and we never hesitate to tell people where it came from.
We are planning on entering our.. floor into the Better Homes and Gardens Contest..

TB, Contractor, Nantucket, MA New England Hickory

“..a litany of superlatives could only describe the character...short of boring you with well deserved praise I think that the word “outstanding!" probably says it best....you guys are too much!..”

Jane & Alan R - Stamford, CT - New England Hickory
“..let you know how much we are enjoying our wonderful hickory Timberknee floors. They add charm and warmth to our Vermont ski home. They are easy to care for. Not a person enters the house without making a comment about the floors…”

Hickory Unfinished New England panel