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Pine Flooring Gallery

White Pine

Stable & wide, steeped in tradition: the golden amber of knotty pine...

This beautiful wood was first used by the original colonists and has proved its worth for over two centuries. These are our widest boards, starting out light in color, and soon aging to a golden amber. White pine's softer surface will develop character wear and is among the easiest materials to refinish. Perhaps the most traditional of all wide planks, white pine has been milled or sawn into flooring for nearly three centuries. We use a combination of grades which allows for a beautiful blend of solid dark knots dispersed amid the delicate fine grain patterns so appreciated in this species.

Eastern white pine hand planed panel

General Description
New England white pine is the most stable and uniformly aesthetic of all the pines.

Hand-Planed Pine:
Over two hundred years ago the first settlers created wood flooring for their cabins from the huge virgin white pine that was so abundant along the eastern seaboard. Their methods and tools were crude, felling the timber with axes, slicing out planks by pit-sawing, and finally hand-planing the surface to a smoothness suitable for flooring.

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Pine 6-8-10 - 12" Fixed - 13" & Wider

What do our customers think?

JC Physician/Developer, Lewes, DE 10” Eastern White Pine
“…absolutely gorgeous….it’s incredible…my floorman was apprehensive but is very pleased….we hope to use you many times again in the future.”

AB Log Home Dealer, Stowe VT 10 “ Pine
“Visitors have already remarked how beautiful the floor is… we get so many compliments on it. Thanks again, for providing such an excellent product for our model log home!”

RR Homeowner, Millbury, OH 6-10” Eastern White Pine
Both Cyndie and I are really pleased with the floor,
the finished product turned out beautiful. The service and product are
something you and your crew should be very proud of.
Thank you for taking the time to ask,

SH Homeowner, Hamburg, PA 10” Eastern White Pine
It turned out great. My wife loves it !!!
I was impressed with the quality of the flooring and the service I received….. It was a pleasure to do business with you and would reccommend your company to anyone...

MM Homeowner, Arlington VA, Eastern White Pine
"We've been thoroughly pleased to do business with you, the flooring looks great!"

JW, Queenstown, MD 6-10 Pine
“I was very impressed with the flooring… Very
pretty wood and consistent grain. Your company is very
professional and friendly with excellent customer service. The flooring I received was beautiful quality wood as I'm sure is all the other flooring you sell. If I ever need any more I know where to go. I will recommend you to anyone, and yes I would say Timberknee is unsurpassed! Am I going on a bit? …(The professional installer) was very impressed with the flooring when he 1st saw it and asked where I got it..”

red pine with light stain

Red Pine

Cousin to the Eastern White pine, Timberknee offers a small selection of this style/species of flooring. Some of the pictures on the left feature Red Pine.

Pine 6-10

Stained red pine panel
White Pine with nails
White Pine and log cabins are a perfect match - these floors were done by Timberknee!
Pine serves a necessary function in many households!
This floor features CHERRY plugs in a white pine floor! Very creative! And over radiant heat!
expertly done, plugs can be very transparent, as they are in this 13+ installation.
Pine bedroom is exquisite!