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Heart Pine

Popular in the period homes of Charleston and Savannah, our customers are always asking about how to get the timeless beauty of Heart Pine Flooring in the longest lengths and highest quality available. Taken from the Southern "Yellow" pine tree, this species is know for it's deep and textured heart content (as oppossed to the high "sap" content of the white pine). Because of this, heart pine is much harder, an is a popular choice for customers who want to capture that restoration-look that is popular in southern American architecture.

General Description
Heart Pine "quality" is measured by the heart content % in any given order. The higher the heart content, the more textured, deep, and harder the planks are. The lowest grade is merely reffered to as "yellow pine", and has a minimum heart content.

Working Properties
Similar to all pines, it dries well, and is relatively more stable than a "hard" wood. Milling, and tooling is very easy with heart pine with only the odd rare "bad peice". Knotty-ness is an issue, and as a result, Timberknee uses only the finest southern sources for their milling and supply.

Heart Pine is also a popular source for Antique flooring - please ask about our specialty antique pricing.

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What do our customers think?

J D - Millersville, MD - Country Heart pine
“.. the floors look beautiful and everything came together without a hitch. Thanks so much for your help throughout our .. process. The information you provided was unbiased and led us to a great looking end-product. You may absolutely use me as a reference. I’m more than happy to assist a quality organization like TimberKnee.”