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Wide Plank Eastern White Pine, 6-8-10 tung oil finish

Ordering Samples, Nails, Plugs, or other installation Accessories!

About Our Samples

Our samples are 3/4" inch thick solid wood. The typical sample will be 10 inches long and 6 inches (nominal) wide with tongue and groove milling.

The samples are unfinished, and are representative of the species you are ordering (and NOT the style, the style is usually similar to select). Exceptions to this are "sap" varieties, and nuthatch. For example: we would not send a sample of "country hickory", we would send you a "hickory" sample..

We ship our samples using USPS Priority Mail. We typically include a brochure, a letter, and other items by request (quotes, photos).

How to Purchase Samples, Nails, and Plugs

If you are not interested in a quote at this time, but would like to see a sample of our precision milling, solid planks, and true american woods; we are happy to oblige.

Cost: $4.05 ea (shipping and handling included)

Available Samples - Ash, Sap Ash, Red Birch, Yellow Birch, Cherry, Heart Pine*, Hickory, Maple, Nuthatch Maple, Red Oak, White Oak, EW Pine, Walnut.
PLUS - Quarter Sawn Ash, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, and others by availability. *avalable in 'styles'

NAILS and PLUGS: Please call to order.