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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Finished vs. Unfinished

Short answer: No.

Although we do offer some prefinished products in heart pine, our products are not pre-manufactured. This feature allows us to mill authentic long length wide plank flooring. This is solid wood, not photocopies, no checker-boards, nothing skimped. This is the REAL stuff, sustainably grown and milled in the USA.

Installation Steps

After you recieve an authentic beautiful wide plank floor, your installer(or you) should follow these simple steps:
1. Acclaimation: The flooring should acclaimate for 5 to 14 days minimally.
2. Preparation: A level subfloor/joists should be set, and a "vapor barrier" should be laid to protect the underside of the flooring from moisture.
3. Installation: The flooring will be primarily nailed (not glued) or screwed to the subfloor following the "laying pattern" provided in the packing sent with the shipment.
4. Sanding (other options): The boards are sanded along the edges to create a nice even surface from board to board (you are not taking an inch off the top here!).
5. Finish: Whether you prefer poly, tung oil, or any other wood finishing, there are many color and sealant options available.


Available for all TimberKnee floors, pre-sanded boards can save you literally hundreds of dollars by eliminating the sanding process during the installation of your floor. For a nominal fee, we'll sand your floor at the mill and you or your contractor can simply install and apply your choice of finish!

Nuthatch Maple flooring

Available in all five flooring styles, this exciting new product from TimberKnee gives you a beautiful maple floor hand-selected for a predominantly nutty brown color.

Can I install over radiant heat?

Wide plank flooring is adaptable to a myriad of flooring situations, including installation over a concrete slab or in-floor radiant heat. Floating floors, using adhesives, and dealing with varying flooring heights or doorway thresholds are topics we can discuss with you, your contractor or your architect/designer. Additionally, installation, laying pattern, and finishing suggestions will be included with your order.

At TimberKnee, we combine years of experience with some of the best woodworking equipment to produce flooring and moldings of exceptional quality. Our material is planed to 3/4 inches and milled with your choice of a tongue-and-groove, ship-lap or square (straight) edge. All boards are double end trimmed, stress-grooved and square cut. All material is hand-selected board by board at the mill, and we maintain a superior quality in all species by selecting only top grade boards.


TimberKnee's random width flooring may be blind nailed along the tongue of each board allowing for a finished floor with no exposed nail heads. We recommend that flooring over 6 inches in width be face nailed or screwed and plugged to the sub-floor. We can supply you with traditional square cut nails and/or plugs to match or contrast with any species. We're happy to discuss any installation questions you have. Also, installation, laying pattern, and finishing suggestions will be included with your order.

Custom ordering & special milling

Orders to specifications not listed are available. We also have access to species not listed, including hickory, chestnut, walnut, pecan, cypress, exotics, figure woods, and reclaimed/antique materials.

Have a design question? Just ask. TimberKnee's beginnings were in custom home building and design, so we can help find solutions to some of those difficult construction issues! Need to reproduce existing or damaged trim? Let us know. Our custom millwork includes reproducing existing antique and uncommon moldings by using a laser process to re-create profiles.

Shipping & lead timing

We can easily ship orders to any location in the United States and arrange for international deliveries. Please feel free to request an estimated shipping quote for delivery to your construction site. Quotes are valid for 30 days. All shipments are FOB South Royalton, Vermont 05068.

Because newly milled material will absorb moisture much more quickly than rough boards, we coordinate the molding and shipment of your order to closely coincide with individual construction or installation schedules. This coordination normally requires six to eight weeks to produce and order. Some species are more readily available at different times of the year. Don't hesitate, however, to talk to us if your needs are sooner. We're always ready to accommodate an expedited order.