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Privacy PolicyWide plank Ash, country style 3-6 inch random width, 3-9 foot lengths

Your Information, your trust...

Our company and customer privacy policy protects any information that you provide to us for the purposes of contact and coordination of sales of Timberknee Wide Plank Floor products and services - including scheduling and delivery of any purchased products.

By requesting a brochure, or providing Timberknee with contact information, you are giving us permission to send (post and electronic) you periodic "specials" or updates. We view this information as proprietary, and will not be distributed under any circumstances beyond our company's personal use. We are not intrusive and we do not spam!

We contact you to keep you informed!

From our customer information, we periodically send out email updates and specials. These are well documented as solicited by your interest in our products. As a result any mailing, calls or emails sent are done so with the intent of selling our own products, only! We do not solicit "cold" contacts, and we take the privacy of our proprietary lists very seriously.


However, If under any circumstances you are no longer interested in our product, please contact us via email, phone, or mail to inform us and your information will be removed from our system immediately.

That is our policy and that is our promise.