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Walnut Flooring Gallery


Deep, rich, and strong... from coast to coast whenever Timberknee does a home show... this is the floor gets a LOT of attention. Timberknee is proud to offer this textured and stable flooring that adds a strong sense of character an balance to any conteporary or country home design. And the results always speak for themselves. If you want an original flooring that accomplishes all of these things, you are looking for Walnut...

General Description
Though mostly dark, there are many shades and variations in the planks, with the wider boards featuring verigation and lighter sap patches. Walnut is an open grain that runs prominently through even the darkest boards.

Working Properties
While only slightly harder than cherry, the presentation and milling are always precise, and the wood is quite stable after installation. A very "knotty" wood, some 'features' or tight knots are present in even our 'high-end' styles (though to a much lesser degree). As a result, we do not offer a "country" style.

Physical Properties
Walnut is somewhat flexible, and makes for a smooth installation. Has much better shock resistance than cherry, and over time wear is generally absorbed very well, depending on the finish applied.

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What do our customers think?

JC, Hanover, NH Contractor
“I have to tell you that it went down beautifully. All the boards held their straightness during the acclimation. The sanding and edge easing was great. No fuss.
It's a great product, which I will use again.”

“Selecting Timberknee floors was one of the smartest decisons we made when designing/building our new home. The walnut floor has become the focal point of our home. Even better was the GREAT customer service, timely delivery and ease of installation. I have recommended Timberknee to our arhitect, builder, friends and neighbors. Keep up the grreat work!”

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